Ross Harbaugh

Christian Steiner photo after the New World Quartet won the Namburg.

Ross Harbaugh

College days… 1969

Ross Harbaugh

Another from 1970

The Bergonzi Quartet

Even a string quartet can have some fun!

Ross Harbaugh

From when I was in the DeVos String Quartet… 1974

The New World Quartet

Violin 1 – Curt Macomber

Violin 2 – Vahn Armstrong

Viola – Ben Simon

Cello – Me!

The Bergonzi Quartet

A concert flyer from around 1995.

Ross Harbaugh

The Hawaiian Shirt


A shot from a masterclass at Interlochen Arts Academy back in 2015. We’re working on the Lalo concerto!

Post Concert!

Some of the Frost cello section and maestro Carl St Clair!

Frost Cello Section

Circa 2016!

Frost Cello Section

Circa 2017!

Christmas Party!

Fun times in 2017!

Brahms Piano Quartet in G Minor

With Sergei Edelmann, Zino Bogachek, Igor Veligan, and myself at Vipiteno Orfeo Music Festival July 2012!